Earn Credit - CLEP, AP, & DSST or ACE CREDIT

Testing for Credit allows students to earn college credits by taking an exam without taking the actual course!  Take the test - skip the course.
This can help you save thousands of dollars and time.

The most popular exams to earn college credit are CLEP (College-Level Examination Program), DSST (formerly known as DANTES), and AP (Advanced Placement). These exams are accepted at over 2,900 colleges and universities in the US.

Another great way to earn credit -- check with your school to see if they accept courses recommended for credit by American Council on Education (ACE). If they do, you can take one of our JumpCourses, and pass our online proctored test to earn credit at your school. Learn more here.  

A passing exam score on each exam will give you college credits for that specified course (usually 3 college credits) which will allow you to bypass the course. Testing out of basic subjects can give students the opportunity to focus on advanced-level courses and give them the ability to graduate sooner.

Each JumpCourse will help you prepare for these exams - 100% *Money Back Guarantee!

*Money back guarantee includes those fees received by JumpCourse, less any discounts, coupons, or net receipts from third party resellers or JumpCourse affiliates. For example, if a customer purchases a course through a promotion from another source and then requests a refund, only the net fees received by JumpCourse will be refunded, which may not constitute the entire price paid for the course.

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The CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) exam has been the most widely trusted credit-by-examination program that is accepted by over 2,900 colleges and universities. CLEP is an exam provided by the College Board, an organization which offers AP and SAT exams.

CLEP covers 33 subject specific general education courses. Some colleges allow up to 60 credits by means of the CLEP exam (that's 20 classes!), which can save you significant time and money on earning your degree.  The passing grade for most schools is a 50-60 out of a possible 80 - make sure you are prepared to pass the 90-question CLEP test by taking a JumpCourse.  The credit is most often applied to your transcript as the number of credits without a grade, so it will not affect your GPA.  Please note, if you don't pass the test, you cannot retake it for 6 months. 

Advanced Placement is one of the most popular exams for high school and in coming freshman college students. It allows you to get ahead by earning General Education credits before you step foot on a campus!

You do not have to take an AP class to sit for the AP test - passing the test will earn you college credit.  Just be sure you are prepared to pass by taking a JumpCourse.  Almost every college in the United States accepts AP credits, even the few colleges that do not accept CLEP.  Passing scores for many colleges are a 3 on a 5-point scale. 

DSST is an examination program that, like CLEP and AP, offers college credit by passing an exam.  This program was originally developed for the military, but now anyone can take a DSST exam for credit.  This exam is not as widely accepted as CLEP and AP, but there are many colleges that will accept it.  Students save time and money while earning their degree(s) faster.

Before entering college, you will be required to take either the Accuplacer or College Placement test. These are more important that you realize. These exams will determine certain classes you can take when entering college. If you score low, you may be required to take a full college course for no credits, often called remediation courses.

For those who are looking to get ahead and better prepare for college, we have our Foundations courses, which are great for refining reading, writing, and math skills before starting college classes.

Benefits of Testing For Credit

Testing for Credit is college's hidden secret. By passing each exam you can save thousands of dollars and shorten your time to graduation!

Save thousands of dollars on college courses

May help you graduate early or in 4 years

Allows you to avoid taking the actual course

Exams like CLEP & DSST are accepted at over 2,900 colleges and universities - that's over 90% in the US.

Allows you to free up your schedule for other courses, work, and personal time.

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Why JumpCourse?

JumpCourse is the premier online provider of CLEP, AP, and DSST prep courses, and our courses are recommended for credit by the American Council on Education (ACE CREDIT). Each course provides full online college courses, with a goal towards earning credits by examination.

Our courses teach you through professionally produced videos, engaging eBooks, lecture notes and interactive quizzes, and we supply course coaches to monitor and encourage you through the course.

Our process allows you to learn the way you learn best - through video, or reading the eBook and lecture notes. The course is adaptive - meaning it slows down or speeds up the delivery of the material depending on your pace of learning.

These college courses are priced at only $99, with no textbook to buy, and every course is backed by 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Sign up for the CLEP test at a nearby location. Testing centers are on many college campuses, and test fees are typically $80. You can contact us for help, or do a search for a location at clep.collegeboard.org. Note: active military students do not have to pay the CLEP test fee. Also, be sure to know the code for the college that you want the credits to apply.
Take and pass the test on your scheduled date! Your school will be automatically notified and you will have those course credits added to your transcript – and you can skip taking that class! Save time and money.