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Take a JumpCourse and earn college credits at YOUR college. JumpCourses are online education college courses that supply interactive video lectures, activities and are only $99 – no textbooks. Credit is earned either 1) when you pass a standardized test accepted at over 95% of colleges and universities. (CLEP, AP or DSST tests) or 2) your college accepts courses recommended by ACE, the American Council on Education.

Earn Credit through Credit by Exam (CLEP)

JumpCourse is the best way to prepare for Credit by Exam, whether CLEP test, AP tests, ACE CREDIT, or college entrance exams. Our courses teach through professionally produced videos, engaging eBooks, lecture notes and interactive quizzes, and we supply course coaches to monitor and encourage our students through the course.These college courses are priced at only $99, with no textbook to buy, and every course is backed by 100% Money Back Guarantee.

CLEP (College Level Examination Program) is a standardized test that allow students to earn college credit without attending the actual college course. These exams are accepted at over 2,900 colleges and universities around the United States, and are administered by the same group that provides SAT testing, AP testing and more. JumpCourse is also recommended for credit by ACE (American Council on Education). Take our course, pass our online proctored test, and your college may accept the course for credit. Learn more about ACE CREDIT here.

Award Winning, Adaptive Quality Online College Courses

With the rising cost of education, JumpCourse was specially designed to help students SAVE MONEY and GRADUATE IN 4 YEARS. Each course offers you the ability to learn the way you learn best - through video, or reading the eBook and lecture notes. The course is adaptive - meaning it slows down or speeds up the delivery of the material depending on your pace of learning. Our videos have been awarded 4 prestigious Telly Awards for Excellence in Educational Video Content.

JumpCourse understands the power of combining personalized learning with entertaining, professionally created content. Our courses are intended to help you on the path to graduation.

  • Save money and time
  • Stay on the path to graduation
  • Get credits for pre-requisites and closed classes
  • Award winning CLEP and DSST prep courses
  • eBooks and lecture notes are included
  • No additional textbooks are required
  • Engaging video based courses
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Each course includes a sample CLEP test
  • Personal course coaches are available
  • Courses are available online 24/7
  • Over 95% pass rate for the CLEP test

Our Educational Team

Our JumpCourse team includes educators, story-tellers, animators, and game designers. We've brought an amazing team together to build our high, quality interactive courses.

Our Results

We've had hundreds of students go through our courses, and they give us rave reviews! More importantly, we have an over 95% pass rate for CLEP tests - meaning our students are saving money and staying on the path to graduation.

JumpCourse CLEP Courses

Take a JumpCourse and earn college credits at YOUR college. Credit is earned when you pass a standardized test accepted at 1000s of colleges and universities.



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JumpCourse Guarantee
JumpCourse Guarantee


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